For Success commit to Think, Say, Do, & Thank!


In ancient times, Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor, wrote “We are what we think about all day long!” After interviewing the giants of industry--such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and many others--Napoleon Hill echoed this great wisdom years later, "What the mind can achieve it can achieve." The first step in any successful venture is to think.

Henry Ford reminded us that, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.".

Positive thoughts create positive results. Doubts and fears, the size of a mustard seed, will deflate and destroy your faith and diligent efforts ... if you let them.

With repetition, score sheets acknowledging progress, and even reminder phrases at the end of each affirmation to stimulate ones that have been said before, you begin to establish habits of virtues that ensure positive results.

With over two years of monthly affirmations, and rules to begin writing your own affirming thoughts, you build the foundation for your success one affirming thought at a time. When you are disciplined with affirming thoughts, your mind gets accustomed to these affirming thoughts. Soon you find you don’t have time for the luxury of a negative thought, and you choose to not allow them in your mind.

Science has proven that visualization and thinking about your desired outcome activates the same chemicals in the body as if you had already achieved that outcome. Olympic athletes train their minds as much as they train their bodies. That same technique will move you closer to your greatest!

After listening and noticing sabotaging words breaking rapport with people and their own minds, John Meluso began to catalog and test what words subtly broke rapport and which ones built it. Finding that great communicators rarely used any of these commonly used words, John began to realize a set of Rewarding Words, Impeccable vocabulary that contributed to success. Not only could these words be used in communications in business and personal, the rewarding words were ideal to use for our subconscious minds when we are using affirming thoughts.

For example one of the sabotaging words is “Try”. Master Yoda in Star Wars, told Luke Skywalker, “Try, Try there is no try, it is either do or do not.” How often do you use “try” and communicate much less of a commitment to sell and others.

Another example of less than successful talk is the use of double negatives.” I will not be a failure”, communicates much less than the opposite as one thinks. It is like saying, think of any other animal, other than an elephant. Usually, the mind creates an elephant, crosses it out and then creates another animal. That is three actions by the mind that could have been used for a verbal affirming statement of “I am succeeding with my every thought.” Do you feel the difference?


The most magnificent thought is simply a dream until it written or voiced.The most rewarding words are simply excellent fiction without action. Completed commitments begin development of determination and persistence. And Guarantee Success!


The final step of Becoming Your Greatest is doing what you commit to do.To walk your talk is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of Becoming Your Greatest! The place where you and the whole world see the result of your thoughts and words.

Now is the time to celebrate and appreciate the dance of success, each complete cycle of Think, Say, Do, Thank! increases your "greatness quotient" and you are Becoming YOUR Greatest!

Keep on keeping on, and with each completion you know more than you know!

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